Best business to start in Tiruppur

Which is the Best business to start inTiruppur

Tirupur is the one of the most fame contained place in Tamil Nadu and regarding the textile business no other place in south India to beat this place. this is one of such famous place for the textile business and the reason for all the things like fame for because of the textile business and all had came since here the cotton cultivation is more when compared to any other places in South India. . It is called the Knits Capital of India as it caters to famous brands and retailers from all over the world. Nearly every international knitwear brand in the world has a strong production share from Tirupur.

Business Ideas & opportunities inĀ Tiruppur

Here the textile business place a major role in the status of Economy for the people who lives over here and these textile industries gives jobs more than million people who lives over here and this place is the reason why the people over here are not migrating to anywhere else. The international fabrics like many branded companies gets their product from here and print their company name over it and enjoying that this brand as their own brand. And not only this product is the major reason for all to be here and also the helping ingredient cotton also produced here itself. So the company persons need not to move out for any kind of ingredients and they can get any kind of major ingredients from here itself. This place is famously called as “knitwear capital” of India.

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  1. Hi Sir/Mam,

    I would like to start a business in small investment around of Rs 50000/-

    So pls availability of opportunities in Tirupur.

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